Agenda 6th October 2022

Agendas Uploaded on September 30, 2022


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  • Note attendance and receive apologies for absence. –


  • declarations of interest on items on this agenda and approve dispensations to members.



  • Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings (if Any) (Information Only).


  • PUBLIC FORUM – Opportunity for public questions or presentations to the council –


  1. Neighbourhood planning (standing item) –
    • To consider the extent to which the NP needs amendment or further review. Cllr. David Shaw to report


  1. Status report – update on planning applications previously considered 2021/22 financial year.


  1. Planning Applications – to consider, as statutory consultees, planning applications received since the previous meeting.


  1. 22/01222/CLP – 33 Silvester Road – Installation of Dropped Kerb. Decided lawful on 23rd September. (Included on agenda to note)


  1. 22/01248/DISCHGC & A Cricket Club – Discharge of condition C4 (Archaeology) of planning permission 21/01299/FUL, (Note parish councils are not statutory consultees on planning applications with suffix DISCHG) – determined 29th September


  1. Woodlands Development
    • To consider any feedback on the Land swap proposal. (If Any)
    • To consider any feedback from the letter expressing interest in acquiring Tennis courts and bowling green
    • to consider latest developments on plans for the Woodlands site.


  • Land and Allotments
    1. Allotments – To note all revised agreements and invoices sent out in September and consider any feedback (if any)
    2. Tree Safety report – to consider the report and authorise action of all recommendations.
    3. Land Management tender– to note the actions taken by the chairman and Cllrs Baxter and Davies and authorise acceptance of a revised tender (If any), or an alternative course of action.


  • HIGHWAYS & Public Rights of Way
    1. Observations from Councillors (if any).


  • Community Matters:
    1. Joint Parish Liaison Group (JPLG) to note that the meeting scheduled for 29th September was postponed, and revised arrangement.s
    2. Langdyke Trust Wildlife Recovery Project – update on progress – Vice Chairman to report progress on the Nature (if any since the last meeting).
    3. Village TribuneTo consider next steps in light of the progress on a local magazine
    4. Good Neighbours scheme – Chairman to report
    5. Commemorative Oak tree – To note advice of Tree officer and consider an alternate location
    6. Standing Stones – update from Cllr. Baxter
  1. Water Leak – To consider any update from Anglian Water
  2. Information boards –


  • Governance Matters:
    1. Code of Conductto consider revised code of conduct and if agreed formally adopt and publish
    2. CAPALC AGM – Chairman to give feedback from the meeting.
    3. Notice of Completion of Audit To note the clean external audit report with Nothing to be brought to the attention of the parish council – Notice has been published on boards the website together with the completed section 3 of the Annual Return


  • To receive official announcements, correspondence of note, notices, or; reports from chairman, clerk, or councillors.


  • Future agenda itemsrequests from councillors


  • Date of Next Meeting – 3rd November, 2022

JOHN HASTE, CLERK TO THE COUNCIL                                                   DATE 30th September, 2022