Planning Application status report as at 27th October 2023

Uploaded on October 27, 2023

CASTOR PARISH COUNCIL – Planning applications progress log 2023/24



Reference Address Proposed Works Date considered by PC Current Status  
23/00034/FUL Woodlands, Splash Lane Demolition of sports and leisure complex and redevelopment of the site with a 54 unit Assisted Living Extra Care building (C2) and associated car parking 6th February, 2023 Withdrawn by applicant 5th July 2023  
23/00111/R4FUL Woodlands, Splash Lane Development of a sports pavilion, multi-use games area (MUGA), storage facilities and associated infrastructure 2nd March Awaiting decision  
23/00241/CTR 3 Farm View T1 Silver Birch tree – 2.5m Crown reduction and 1m Lateral reduction to reduce size of tree as grown very large in a small garden. 14th April Permitted 14th April  
23/00313/FUL 4 Polls Yard The conversion of existing garage and barn into an independent dwelling 14th April Permitted 31st August  
23/00493/CTR 4 Polls Yard Removal of Leylandii Tree 4th May Permitted 19th May  
23/00604 HHFUL & 23/00605/LBC 16 High Street – LBC Ground Floor Extension 20th July 2023 Permitted 29th August  
23/00838/CTR 24 Peterborough Road T1 Yew – Fell 20th July 2023 Permitted 25th July  
23/00857/HHFUL – 3 Carlton Court Erection of single-storey extension and installation of 3 no. rooflights and 2 no. windows 20th July 2023 Permitted 22nd August  
23/00600/R3FUL Castor C of E Primary School Provision of 1800m high weldmesh fence with gates to two boundaries of school playing fields 20th July 2023 Awaiting decision  
23/01025/TRE High & Over, Peterborough Road TPO 08/1994 (94/00008/TPO) T4? & group G2 T1 Ash – remove to ground level 7th September 2023 Permitted 20th September  
23/01051/HHFUL 1 Farm View Demolition of existing garage and conservatory. Proposed alterations to existing house and single storey extension. 7th September 2023 Awaiting decision  
23/01103/DISCHG Cricket Club Discharge of conditions C3 (Materials Schedule), C6 (Surface water drainage) and C7 (Tree protections measures) of planning permission 21/01299/FUL 7th September 2023 Determined 6th October  
23/01391/TRE Hill House, Mill Lane 3no. Poplars (suspected to be T22, T24 and T25 on 92/00012/TPO) reduce garden facing long laterals of these trees 2nd November 2023 Awaiting decision  
23/01368/NONMAT 3 Carlton Court Non-material amendment (materials) to planning permission 23/00857/HHFUL (note – parish council are not statutory consultees on NONMAT applications) 2nd November 2023 Awaiting decision  



Updated 27th October 2023