Golden Orb Events Group TOR

Supporting Papers Uploaded on January 31, 2023


Castor Parish Council   –   Golden Orb Events committee

Terms of Reference


  • The events committee to comprise at least one parish councillor
    • Chair person
    • Treasurer (and signatories to a separate bank account kept for the purpose)
    • Volunteers with clearly assigned duties and responsibilities
  • The group shall at all times have regard to the interests of the parish council
  • Work within the funds available to the events committee and within a self funding budget, any call on parish council funds for additional support MUST be agreed in advance of any financial commitment being made.
  • Keep proper financial accounts and present audited accounts to the parish council after the event
  • Carry out a risk assessment and appropriate training of volunteers for each event being included in the programme of events organised by the group.
  • Undertake safe working practices and supervision of all events to mitigate the risks identified in the risk assessments.
  • For insurance purposes, provide to the parish council, prior to the celebrations, copies of the Risk assessments and lists of volunteers with their identified responsibilities.
  • Comply with the legal requirement of the parish council to consider the environmental impact of all activities.


Within these constraints, the parish council delegate responsibility for organising and supervising events to celebrate and commemorate the coronation of King Charles lll


John Haste (Clerk & RFO)

31st January 2023