AGENDA 7th September 2023

Agendas Uploaded on September 1, 2023




JOHN HASTE, CLERK TO THE COUNCIL                                                  DATE 1st September 2023



  • apologies for absence – To note attendance and receive apologies for absence.


  • declarations of interest on items on this agenda and approve dispensations to members (If appropriate).



  • Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings (if Any) (Information Only).


  • PUBLIC FORUM – Opportunity for public questions or presentations to the council


·        Public participation is limited to items that appear on the agenda OR to request an item for a future agenda.

·        unless directed by the chairman, public participation shall be limited to 15 minutes with each person speaking for no longer than 5 minutes.


public participation beyond the public forum is not normally permitted Parish council meetings are not public meetings; they are meetings held in public


  • PLANNING and associated matters:
    1. Peterborough Local Plan Review ConsultationTo consider feedback from the public meeting held on 6th September and to determine the parish council response to the consultation document
    2. Joint community Action Plan (standing item) – To note the contents of the revised draft JCAP arising from the meeting with Ailsworth Parish Councillors on 13th


  1. Neighbourhood planning (standing item)To consider if any further action is required by, or related to the review of, the present NP.


  1. Status report – update on planning applications previously considered by the parish council


  1. Planning Applications – to consider, as statutory consultees, planning applications received since the previous meeting.
    1. 23/01025/TRE – TPO 08/1994 (94/00008/TPO) T4? & group G2 T1 Ash – remove to ground level – High and Over, Peterborough Road
    2. 23/01051/HHFUL – Demolition of existing garage and conservatory. Proposed alterations to existing house and single storey extension. – 1 Farm View
  • 23/01103/DISCHG – Discharge of conditions C3 (Materials Schedule), C6 (Surface water drainage) and C7 (Tree protections measures) of planning permission 21/01299/FUL


  1. Woodlands Developmentto consider latest known status of plans for the Woodlands site


  • Land and Allotments
    1. Cricket Club Lease – it is anticipated that representative(s) of the Club may be present.
      1. Scoreboard – to consider request of the club to instal an electronic scoreboard and if appropriate approve location
      2. to receive an update on the appointment of a solicitor to act on behalf of the parish council.
  • To receive feedback on the initial reaction of the Club to the proposed draft forwarded to them for consideration.


  1. Allotment Tenancy AgreementTo consider and approve revisions to the existing agreement. The revisions are to allow temporary structures up to 80cm in height and of a high standard. Other revisions allow the parish council greater control over the standards of allotment plots and powers to terminate tenancies where those standards are not maintained.


  1. Allotment Lane Post and Parking issues – to consider an update on the current position and to decide if any further actions are required


  1. Parish Councillors Observations – To consider any other Land & Allotment related Observations from Parish councillors.


  • HIGHWAYS & Public Rights of Way – Councillors Observations



  1. Langdyke Trust Nature Recovery Project to approve payment of invoice for maintenance of NRP sites. To consider appointing Mike Horne as a self-employed contractor on an ongoing basis, to maintain wildflower planting and Trees planted in Nature recovery sites, based on the schedule of work specified in the invoice.


  1. Standing Stones
    1. Information boards – update on progress (If any)


  1. Playground reinstatement – update on meeting on site with KOMPAN contractor and the Insurance claim and to consider any further actions required.


  1. Parish Walkto consider the comprehensive report circulated by Cllr. Baxter.


  1. Driving Standards within the Village – to note the observations of councillors, and consider if further action is required.


  1. Short term CCTV rentalTo consider if Parish council wishes to and evaluate equipment available on the market for report back to a future meeting.


  1. D-Day 2024 commemoration – 6th June 2024 – To consider any response from the events committee and to determine the extent of Parish council involvement.
  2. Remembrance 2023 – to consider purchase of Lamp post poppies – Cllr Anker


  1. Dog Fouling – item requested by Cllr. Anker


  1. Community Transport – to receive an update on arrangements for use of Mayors Grant


  • Governance Matters:
    1. Banking arrangements – standing review of “immediate access” balances and 95 day notice deposit account. (note based on balances held at the time of drafting, The Clerk as Responsible Financial Officer , considers this matter can be deferred for further consideration at the October meeting)
    2. Insurance renewalTo consider quotes received from alternative insurers and/or brokers for the parish council insurance commencing 1st To approve acceptance of the quote judged to be “Best Value for Money”
    3. Co-option to vacancy (arising from resignation of Jane Greene) – To agree the selection process & timetable for Co-option to parish council.
    4. External auditTo note that PKF Littlejohn have signed off the 2022/23 Annual return with “No matters to draw to the attention of the parish council”


  • To receive official announcements, correspondence of note, notices, or; reports from chairman, clerk, or councillors.


  • Future agenda items
    1. Review of Cricket Club Lease


  • Date of Next Meeting – scheduled to take place on 5th October, 2023


JOHN HASTE, CLERK TO THE COUNCIL                                                   DATE 1st September 2023