Agenda 12th January 2023

Agendas Uploaded on January 6, 2023


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  • Note attendance and receive apologies for absence. –
  • declarations of interest on items on this agenda and approve dispensations to members.
  • Minutes of the previous meeting – To Consider a resolution to approve the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 1st December, 2022.
  • Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings (if Any) (Information Only).
  • PUBLIC FORUM – Opportunity for public questions or presentations to the council –
·        Public participation is limited to items that appear on the agenda OR to request an item for a future agenda.

·        unless directed by the chairman, public participation shall be limited to 15 minutes with each person speaking for no longer than 5 minutes.———-

public participation beyond the public forum is not normally permitted Parish council meetings are not public meetings they are meetings held in public

  1. Neighbourhood planning (standing item) – David Shaw and Chairman to provide an update on the meeting held with Adrian Chapman on 14th December, and to report progress on minor amendments to the NP (if any)
  2. Status report – update on planning applications previously considered 2021/22 financial year.
  3. Planning Applications – to consider, as statutory consultees, planning applications received since the previous meeting.
  4. 22/01708/LBC – 4 Polls Yard – Separation of garage and barn from main house and conversion to dwelling
  5. Woodlands Development
    • To consider any feedback on the Land swap proposal. (If Any)
    • To consider any feedback from the letter expressing interest in acquiring Tennis courts and bowling green
    • to consider latest developments on plans for the Woodlands site.
  • Land and Allotments – to consider any urgent matters arising by the date of the meeting
  • HIGHWAYS & Public Rights of Way
    1. Observations from Councillors (if any).

 Community Matters:

  1. Nature Recovery Project update on progress – to note progress on the Nature Recovery Project (if any since the last meeting).
  2. Good Neighbours scheme – update on Roving Warm Hub and other matters – Chairman to report
  3. Commemorative Oak tree – To note that an order has been placed for a Copper Beech and to receive a progress report on Planting arrangements.
  4. Operation Golden Orb – to consider involvement (if any) of the Parish Council in celebrating the Coronation of King Charles and the additional bank holiday in May
  5. Climate Change David Shaw to report on discussions held on the draft document circulated by him for consideration and to consider adoption of that shortened version
  6. Standing Stones – William Baxter to report on the current status
  7. Water Leak – Anglian Water to use Camera to investigate
  8. Information boards – Production and installation of the agreed information content.

 Governance Matters:

  1. To note that the Precept form has been returned to Peterborough City Council and receipt acknowledged within the City Council required timeframe. The Clerk to report on any matters requiring action or approval.
  2. Clerk to report on arrangement with Orton Longueville Parish Council (if anything to report)
  • To receive official announcements, correspondence of note, notices, or; reports from chairman, clerk, or councillors.
  • Future agenda items
  1. Cricket Club Lease
  • Date of Next Meeting – 2nd February, 2023

JOHN HASTE, CLERK TO THE COUNCIL                                                 DATE 6th January, 2023