request to metal detect on PC Land

Supporting Papers Uploaded on February 24, 2022



I am a local Peterborough resident with an interest in local history.

In previous years this has been in natural history and I have recorded many of the special ancient trees in the area on a national database.

More recently I have taken up metal detecting to give an additional insight into local history. I have gained permission, together with a friend, to detect on the grounds of Orton Hall Hotel (Orton Longueville) where we have recently found a livery button related to Charles Gordon the 11th Marquess of Huntly and our first (very small) Roman coin.

Given the rich history within the Parish, we would be very interested in an opportunity to detect on any land you own (that you feel would be appropriate and safe to detect on). Any finds we make will legally be the property of you the landowner (unless otherwise agreed) we are simply interested in researching the finds we make and understanding how they fit into the local history of the area. We would also be happy to pass on any finds to the local School if they would be useful to use in history lessons for the students

We are both members of the National Council for Metal Detecting, which gives us public liability insurance and we follow their code of conduct. We also appreciate that digging would create a disturbance to the ground, any holes would be filled and the ground left as we found it and any metal debris found will be cleared.

I would welcome your advice on permission.

Many thanks


Jon Parsons