Planning Status report as at 6th January 2023

Supporting Papers Uploaded on January 6, 2023

CASTOR PARISH COUNCIL – Planning applications progress log 2022/23                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         AGENDA    ITEM


Reference Address Proposed Works Date considered by PC Current Status
2200547/HHFUL Castor Heights,                                                Peterborough Road Construction of open walled pavilion 12th May, 2022 Permitted 16th June 2022
22/00524/WCPP Woodlands Splash Lane Removal of condition C11 (landscaping scheme) and variation of conditions C12 (replacement tree planting), C17 (cycle store) and C23 (drawings) pursuant to planning permission 21/00882/WCPP Removal of condition C21 (staff apartments) pursuant to planning permission 19/01507/FUL 9th June 2022

(Extension of time granted)

Permitted 5th July
22/00537/DISCHG 35A Peterborough Road Discharge of Condition No. C3 (external materials) of planning permission 18/01875/FUL For information –Not Consulted Discharged 27th July, 2022
22/00679/DISCHG Hanover House 17 Church Hill Discharge of condition Nos C3 (External Facing Materials) and C4 (Tree Protection Scheme) of planning permission 21/01713/HHFUL For information –Not Consulted Discharged 1st August 2022
22/00735/DISCHG Hanover House 17 Church Hill Discharge of condition No C3 (External Facing Materials) of planning permission 21/01714/LBC For information –Not Consulted Discharged 1st August 2022
22/00916/LBC & 22/00917/ HHFUL The Cedars 32 Peterborough Road Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of masonry orangery, and various alterations internally and externally 7th July, 2022 Permitted 21st October
22/00667/HHFUL 10 Allotment Lane Replacement of original pagoda 1st September, 2022 Withdrawn by applicant
22/01093/CTR 55 Peterborough Road (T1) Whitebeam reduce by 50%, (T2) Acacia pollard below split trunk leaving the lower growth, (T3) Maple reduce by 30%, (T4) Red Maple reduce to match in height, (T5) Cherry + (T6) Acer reduce by 30%, (T7) Cherry reduce by 50% in height to old cuts and shape the sides to be agreed (T8) Fell Pine, (T9) Sycamore + (T10) Apple pollard to old cuts 1st September, 2022 Permitted 2nd September
22/01136/TRE Woodlands Peterborough Road TPO 08/1994 [94/00008/TPO] Woodland W.2 Tag 4926 Hybrid Black Poplar (94/00005/TPO – Revoked) 1st September, 2022 Permitted 2nd September
22/01097/HHFUL 14 Peterborough Road Demolition of two lean to extensions, brick shed and two garages. Proposed single and two storey rear extension. New pitched roof to dormer on front elevation. Replace render on front elevation 1st September, 2022 Permitted 14th November
22/01222/CLP 33 Silvester Road Installation of Dropped Kerb For information –Not Consulted Deemed Lawful 23rd September
22/01248/DISCHG C & A Cricket Club Discharge of condition C4 (Archaeology) of planning permission 21/01299/FUL For information –Not Consulted Determined 29th September



Old Mil, Mill Lane Flood mitigation scheme to improve protection of listed building, including raising of existing stone walls, new stone walls and steps, limited raising of ground levels around the house, glazed screen behind timber sluice gate, removeable flood gates to two recently formed ground floor door openings to the southwest elevation, compensatory storage to the northeast of Black Dike beside the approved outbuilding and, internally, a metal hatch over the mill wheel pit and damp-proof membrane 3rd November Awaiting decision
22/01451/HHFUL 5a Church Hill Proposed single storey rear extension and loft conversion with rear dormers and roof lights 3rd November Permitted 29th November
22/01600/HHFUL 10 Allotment Lane Replacement of original pagoda including render finish to side elevation of mono pitch building – retrospective 1st December Awaiting decision
22/01708/LBC 4 Polls Yard Separation of garage and barn from main house and conversion to dwelling 12th January, 2023 Awaiting decision



Updated 6th January 2023