Parish Walk 30th April 2022

Supporting Papers Uploaded on May 6, 2022

Parish Land Walk  30th April 2022

Attended by: William Baxter, Richard Anker, Fiona Rowland & Terry Young.


  • Richard has installed brackets to take our speed monitor on the approach to the village as descending Loves Hill, at the triangle. So, we can move it there from time to time displaying 20MPH. Request AGAIN that Highways paint 20MPH roundels on the road at the entrance to the village and repeated through the village, and at the bottom of Loves Hill going East.
  • Perhaps rumble strips could be installed at the top of Loves Hill at the entrance to the 20MPH zone to remind drivers of the reduced speed limit.
  • Greatly appreciate Peterborough Highways getting all the banners removed from the fence.
  • Slip Road from Peterborough, huge improvement by Highways England in lowering the two No Entry signs, now in eye line, and painting hatching at the junction to reduce road users turning down it from Peterborough Road against the direction of traffic. Since these improvements the number of incidents of drivers and cyclists turning into the slip road from Peterborough Road have reduced to very few. Could we have the road markings repainted “Ahead Only”? Also, the 30 MPH roundel on the road outside Dene House?
  • The interpretation board at Ferry Hill House needs a clean, and a new polycarbonate protective cover.
  • Could we ask again that the assorted metal traffic signs left in the village long after their need or advice had passed, be collected?
  • Turning area, (R21) Old A47 no new fly tipping
  • Little John & Robin Hood, with removed undergrowth much improved view, but stumps to be removed by Pace, and perhaps bank area sprayed. Litter reduction by 90%, Water leak still not repaired.
  • Stile to Ferryfields, bank dry but in normal conditions can be very slippery.
  • Litter bad in the last six laybys, now cleared.
  • Interpretation board near gate damaged, needs cleaning and new polycarbonate cover
  • Fitzwilliam Bridge Gates, need update on restoration, and lead time for re-installation, (Sam Falco?)
  • Ferryfields, massive improvement with the undergrowth and lower branches removed around the two trees. Just need the tree to be removed by PCC, can we have a date when this will happen. The water leak still not repaired. Looked at the location for the new fence and gates.
  • Oak tree planted half way along looking well
  • Wayleave for pump for Milton Golf Club. This is now around £900 in arears, could we write to them to have this paid, or cut them off?
  • Osiery bed has been harvested and is regenerating, fence sound.
  • Ferryfields, should have been mown, is it too late?
  • Planation, looking much better, where the trees were not grazed off.
  • Western pedestrian gate and fence now totally gone so the field no longer stock proof. Do we replace?
  • Footpath OK
  • Landy Green Way, will need mowing at some stage by NPT. We will have to do the edges to the hedges and the ditch at the river end sometime. There has been a bonfire by unknown persons, 100 meters in from Mill Lane, but no damage, just a large burnt circle. NB installed the replacement sign allowing riders and walkers to transverse at their own risk. Gate and posts sound, but the horse gate has moved again. No action.
  • Mill Lane, Railway Bridge, the access to the footpath is too wide, allows fly tipping vehicles in, can we persuade PCC to install bollard to restrict access.
  • Splash Lane, do you think we should ask for the “sleeping policemen” to be re-painted?
  • Oldfield Allotment, rented for horse grazing, in excellent condition by the tenant. We have not renewed the access licence from Splash Lane, is the advice that this licence is unnecessary?
  • New fence and hedge, looks well
  • Unmetallized Splash Lane could have further pot hole filling by NPT?
  • Old Field Allotment triangle field now for woodland etc will need the access via the bridge to our gate by removing 20 years of brambles etc. Bridge should be found sound as it was installed by the Environment agency to carry tractors and farm machinery.
  • Our picnic table is still sound.
  • Cricket Ground, boundary in better condition, well maintained by the club. Less rubbish behind the club house, still some rubble near the gate but not an issue. When building the new club house CPC will need to pay particular attention immediately prior to contractors finally leaving site. ALL waste must be cleared, whether they have generated it or not. Particularly behind the existing club house. (Mounds of old detritus)
  • Port Lane, could have pot holes filled with crushed concrete
  • Site for Jubilee Oak Tree proposed. Can we have the two, Not to damage the ancient barn walls, signs installed on the wall? Epicormic growth to be cut back around the old tree and the Chairman’s Bench. The bench still looks sound (so much better than the last one)
  • Allotment Lane, can someone confirm the name of the resident who planted up and vastly improved the end of the wall, she really should get a note of thanks from CPC, or perhaps better nothing in writing, just a bottle of wine from the chairman with a personal thanks. Wall still awaiting the repair to the capping which was the wrong mix when done. Must be completed before the Autumn.
  • Community Allotment and pond. Good to see them in use. Pond, could do with topping up its low. Also, should there be a stone for creatures who have fallen in to escape by?
  • Some allotments that are not occupied need the anti-weed covering re-secured?
  • Can we make a decision with regarding the encroachment of self sets and undergrowth from the eastern boundary with Berrystead. It’s totally unmanaged and out of hand.
  • Children’s Play Area, the roundabout needs the bearings and running track sorting as very stiff to turn, otherwise in good condition and well used.
  • Refencing Coppice, the attendees felt that it should be brought to the next council meeting that the eastern fence be moved four foot to the east to take in the spoil heap, as this would be far too time consuming and expensive to remove.
  • The vehicle gate to Tweentowns needs replacing as agreed. The eastern gate to Berrystead to be replaced asap with a pedestrian gate. The post on the existing gate has collapsed and the gate is leaning over and is almost impossible to climb.
  • Clay Lane, almost no signs of 4 x 4 or trial bikes using this anymore. In this very dry weather, very good underfoot. The track over the north side of the bypass fine, no dumping or vehicle tracks. This became clear why, as at the top at the entrance to Old Field Rec, I suspect the tenant, has placed large tree across the track. Cow Lane, fine, almost all the garden waste removed from the area around our No Tipping sign.