JPLG Draft Summary 8th June 2022

Supporting Papers Uploaded on July 1, 2022







Joan Pickett

Jenny Rice



Neil Boyce

Jane Greene

David Shaw

Terry Young



John Hodder

Andrew Nash (for item 2)

Sue Nash (for item 2)



  1. Apologies for absence

Dai Rowlands, Anne Perkins (APC), Richard Moon (APC), Martin Stalley (APC), Fi Rowlands (CPC) and Steve Davies (CPC).  In the absence of Dai Rowlands Neil Boyce chaired the discussion.


  1. Climate Change

2.1 Sue & Andrew Nash thanked the two PCs for their funding support and provided an update on the activity of the Climate Change Action Group.  The group had:

  • Held a Home Energy event in the church last November.
  • Distributed a leaflet on energy efficiency to households in April.
  • Published posters to publicize the ‘big plastic count’ in May and will summarize the results.
  • Taken part in the villages’ Platinum Jubilee parade in June.

Further activity planned includes a stall at the village fete in July and communication with a Peterborough food strategy group.  They also mentioned potential funding available for small scale parish projects re-plastic recycling.

2.2 Neil had prepared an initial draft policy statement for consideration by both PCs and this was currently with APC for review.  Whilst it was understood that PCC would be developing some climate related guidance it seemed that it would be planning orientated.  Neil mentioned that there seemed to be a general reluctance amongst many local parishes to get involved with the subject.  APC had made contact with a Ward Councillor to clarify what PCC intended. It was agreed that preparation of the draft policy statement should continue to be progressed and Andrew Nash offered to meet with PC representatives to assist as necessary.

Action: PCs as above.


  1. Declarations of interest

None declared.


  1. Action Points from previous meeting 30 September 2021

4.1 Item 2.4 – Both PCs had considered whether arrangements for a skip to alleviate residents’ difficulties due to the cancellation of brown bin collections could be facilitated.  Regrettably this had not proved practicable due to anticipated supervision difficulties and, primarily, the lack of PCC capacity to assist.

4.3 Item 11.1 – Both PCs had considered the JPLG terms of reference at their formal meetings in October and reaffirmed them without change.

4.4 Remaining action points had either been attended to; are covered by agenda items below or are ongoing.


  1. Speedwatch/Road Safety Working Party

The new speed monitoring camera had been installed in Helpston Road in Ailsworth.  The 20 mph speed zone had also been extended to the top of Love’s Hill in Castor although the painting of roundels on the road surface was awaited.  There were currently insufficient village volunteers to commence Speedwatch activity and the position would be reviewed after the Fete in July if others came forward.

Action:  PCs.


  1. Ongoing review of JCAP actions


JCAP 1.3/4.3, Woodlands – It was understood that a planning application for the old Woodlands building was imminent and the PCs would need to consider extraordinary meetings to consider it as necessary since they did not usually meet in August.


JCAP 1.4, Potential for a village housing trust – David Shaw had spoken with the administrators of the current almshouses and will consider an update for this item.

JCAP 2.3, Nature Recovery – Work continued in both parishes and the last few words of the entry required updating.  Neil would consider whether a further update was needed.


JCAP 3.3, Speeding – As noted in item 5.


JCAP 3.4, Support for the Village Shop – See item 8.3 below.


JCAP 3.5, Good Neighbours Scheme – The wording would be updated.  It was noted that the scheme was the Mayor’s Charity this year.


JCAP 4.5, Litter Picks – PCC were now in a position to assist post Covid and it was agreed that the PCs would hold a litter pick in September.  It was also noted that PCC had recently pursed a successful prosecution for fly tipping.


Action: John Hodder will update and circulate a draft for PC approval.  David Shaw & Neil Boyce as above.


  1. Neighbourhood Plans

8.1 David Shaw had been monitoring developing Government proposals for alterations to the planning system and it was agreed that a review of the NPs should commence this summer, starting with canvassing residents’ views on the current NP policies at the fete in July.  Volunteers would also be invited to assist with the review and each PC would nominate members to play a part on the Steering Committee which would need to be reformed.  It was possible that only minor changes to the NP policies would be needed and early contact with PCC would be made to establish their advice on the review process.

8.3 Jenny Rice drew attention to an NALC on line briefing to be held on 29 June from 1200 to 1315 on how to review NP polices.  Cost £30 for members with a card payment or £40 for members for an invoice/BACs.  David Shaw would look into it.

Action: David Shaw; PCs to liaise re-arrangements prior to the fete.


  1. Any other business?

8.1 Neil mentioned concerns which had been expressed by neighbouring parishes regarding consultation arrangements for the intended A47 improvements to Wansford and suggested that APC & CPC may need to consider having an input.

8.2 Neil mentioned that the Household Recycling Centre (HRC) was trialling a permit for use by PCs and that CPC was participating.

8.3 It was understood that concerns had been raised with PCC Building Control regarding the construction of the village shop. Also although the relevant application had been submitted the shop had not yet been added to the list of community assets.  Both PCs remained concerned to see the shop completed and would continue to monitor developments.


  1. Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting should be face to face rather than held on Zoom and take place on Wednesday 28 September 2022.