Agenda 3rd February 2022

Agendas Uploaded on January 28, 2022


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  • Note attendance and receive apologies for absence.
  • declarations of interest on items on this agenda and approve dispensations to members.
  • Minutes of the previous meeting – To Consider a resolution to approve the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 6th January, 2022.
  • Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings (if Any) (Information Only).
  • PUBLIC FORUM – Opportunity for public questions or presentations to the council –
  • Public participation is limited to items that appear on the agenda OR to request an item for a future agenda.
  • unless directed by the chairman, public participation shall be limited to 15 minutes with each person speaking for no longer than 5 minutes.

Parish council meetings are not public meetings they are meetings held in public

  • PLANNING and associated matters:
    1. Joint community Action Plan (standing item) – To consider if any actions are required from the current JCAP
  1. Neighbourhood planning (standing item) –

To consider if any further action is required by, or related to the review of, the present NP.

  1. Status report – update on planning applications previously considered this financial year. (Note no change since last report)


  1. Planning Applications – to consider, as statutory consultees, planning applications received since the previous meeting.
  2. (note – At the time of drafting there were no planning applications validated in January 2022, according to a search on the planning authority planning portal)
  3. Woodlands Development –
    1. Update on matter related to the development – Cllr David
  • Land and Allotments
    1. Local History and Metal detecting – To consider the request of Jon Parsons and Steve Barnes to allow the use of metal detectors on Parish Council owned land
    2. Allotment rents –
      1. update on receipt of rents (clerk to report) and consideration of an allotment inspection to determine vacant plots.
      2. To consider the rents to be charged for 2022/23 (PCC charge £65pa for full plot)
  • HIGHWAYS & Public Rights of Way
    1. Public Rights of Way – existing and extensions – Chairman to report.
    2. Observations from Councillors (if any).

  Community Matters:

    1. Joint Parish Liaison Group (JPLG) – To consider if any matters require a joint meeting.
    2. Langdyke Trust Wildlife Recovery Project – update on progress – Vice Chairman to report progress on the Nature.
    3. Queens Platinum Jubilee
      1. Commemorative Tree – to consider the information supplied by Barcham Trees Plc and to determine way forward.
      2. Castor in Bloom – Cllr. Mrs Greene to report and to consider any contractual arrangements for planting and maintenance
  1. Celebration committee matters (if any to report from the committee)
  2. Ferrybridge Access Road – Litter picking arrangements – to note the actions taken by councillors and to note the response from PCC.
  3. Standing Stones
  4. visibility and security – to consider the responses from PCC re litter bins and shrubbery reduction
  5. Information boards
  • Governance Matters:
    1. S106 Monies – to consider possible alternative projects and any further action to ensure funds are committed in the financial year.

.To receive official announcements, correspondence of note, notices, or; reports from chairman, clerk, or councillors.

  • Future agenda items – If any
  • Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 3rd March, 2022

JOHN HASTE, CLERK TO THE COUNCIL                                                   DATE 28th January 2022

This agenda and supporting papers are available at or by request to the clerk